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Can It Be Recycled? is a FREE program designed to help industry economically and environmentally dispose of UNIQUE or DIFFICULT solid wastes.

Industrial manufacturers across New England generate large volumes of solid waste. Once the “easy” recyclables like corrugated and paper are removed from the waste stream, generators are often left with huge volumes of unique, “difficult”, wastes resulting in substantial disposal costs.

Conigliaro Industries’ Can It Be Recycled? program will help you recycle these unique wastes. Our staff of engineers specializes in formulating ways to recycle all types of unique rigid and flexible plastics, foams, laminated papers, metal, glass, rubber, and textiles.

To take advantage of our Can It Be Recycled? Program, simply print and fill out a Material Evaluation Form and submit it along with a 5 pound or 5 gallon sample to our Materials Laboratory.

Our Materials Laboratory will then analyze your sample and determine if it can be theoretically and economically recycled, rather than landfilled or incinerated.

Should we determine that your unique material can indeed be recycled, Conigliaro Industries then prepares a written quotation which outlines the costs to recycle and documents the potential savings versus landfilling or incineration.

We then design and develop a turn-key system for the collection, storage, processing and shipment of your unique waste.

Lastly, Conigliaro Industries will work with you to train employees, install the necessary containers and equipment, and begin a workable recycling program which will save money, meet environmental goals, and comply with existing and proposed recycling legislation.

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Conigliaro Industries is a fully permitted recycling organization dedicated to helping our customers cost-effectively recycle.

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